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Starting Up Amongst an Architectural Marvel

The Flatiron District is a neighborhood of transitions. As the unofficial bridge between downtown and midtown Manhattan, this is where new families and businesses are getting their starts. At Madison Square Park, new moms picnic together on the lawn, young startup employees eat chopped salads on their lunch breaks, and people from all over the world admire public art installations with the photogenic Flatiron Building rising beyond the trees.

Mosey towards the Empire State Building, and you’ll find a rapidly changing stretch of Broadway where memorabilia shops selling “I <3 NY” knick-knacks used to dominate the block. But the storefronts here are quickly aligning with the tastes of the neighborhood’s newcomers. Sophisticated restaurants, bars, and hip hotels (with their own restaurants and bars) provide endless fodder for meetings, dates, and raucous happy hours.

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Word on the street

The Flatiron building never gets old, the architecture is so unusual. For an amazing white negroni head to Maysville.
Kalen, Programmer
Flatiron is the fitness district of NYC, that's exciting as it's something that didn't exist a few years ago.
Emili, Merchandiser at Tory Sport
Madison Square Park is unique for being public and offers weekend events alongside all the shopping in the area.
Cody, Dog Walker

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