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East-London factories reborn as hives of hedonism

Students and young professionals have rapidly transformed Shoreditch into one of London’s most thriving, creative districts. Converted warehouses give Shoreditch its distinctly industrial vibe while statement graffiti pieces add a street streak.

The district really does magic with its spaces: weekday car parks become weekend food markets; mid-day members clubs become after-dark nightclubs and galleries double as advertising agencies.

The locals are a bit schizophrenic too, blending mainstream fashion with haut couture, cuisines with cultures, and every music genre imaginable in the famously eclectic nightclubs. Energetic and recklessly experimental, Shoreditch is London’s hottest property, and it’s coming up fast.

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There’s a proper sense of community, which has been a welcome surprise. We’re a Scottish / Japanese based company, and as this was our first retail premises in London, we didn’t quite know what to expect.
Stephen, Store Manager, Sunny Siders
Shoreditch is a community, lots of different personalities but like minded people , forward thinking but who know the history of the place. Its buzzing, full of energy and positive.
Kipps, Barber, Kestin Hare
Shoreditch? I think its more the case that this location loves us, haha. This is without a doubt our most favourite area of London.
Natalia, Founder, The Lazy Ones

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